Confirm Changes to Final Offer

  • Your Final Offer to the Landlord

    This form sets out the changes we have discussed either verbally or via email regarding your offer. Please carefully review the below details and complete this form to confirm that you accept the following changes to your offer.
  • Tenancy Start Date

    Usually, the tenancy cannot start before 14 days from now. This is to give us enough time to properly reference you, complete your application, and set up all the paperwork.

    Further to this, the tenancy should not normally start before or more than a few days after the "Date of Availability" on our advertising. Any later than this and it would mean the landlord is losing a lot of rent whilst the property sits empty.

    Please see below, where we have recommended a better "Tenancy Start Date" to be submitted to the landlord as your "Final Offer".
  • This is the date the tenancy will start on - you will not be allowed access to the property before this date. Rent, Utility Costs, and Council Tax, etc. will start to be charged from this date.
  • Tenancy End Date:

    This is the date that the "Fixed Term" of the tenancy will expire on. Similar to a mobile phone contract, you will be "locked in" until this date, and it will be costly and difficult to end the tenancy before this date.

    However, you also benefit from this fixed term in many ways. It would be difficult for the landlord to ask a good tenant to leave the property before this date, the rent would be locked in at the same price until this date, and you will have the security of being able to plan your life around this date.
  • Rent Amount and Payment Method:

    How much you are willing to pay per calendar month for this property.

    This is how you will be paying the rent. Usually, this rent is paid "Monthly Prorated". This means that you will pay on the last day of every month, for the month ahead. Even if you move in on the 15th of the month, the rent will be calculated and adjusted so that your next payment is due 2 weeks later (for a lesser amount) so that your rent will be paid every month at the end of the month.
  • Tenancy Deposit:

    The tenancy deposit may not be more than 5 weeks rent and in 99% of cases, it will be equal to 5 weeks rent.
  • Accept Final Offer Terms:

  • This form should only be submitted by this person. If there are any co-tenants or guarantors for this offer, this person must seek their approval before adjusting the offer.